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Monday, April 25, 2011

Mini Stationary Set Instructions

Mini Stationary Set

Apply adhesive to side bottom flaps on front piece, and side and bottom flaps of back piece, as shown above.

Attach back bottom flap to front bottom flap, as shown above.

Attach front side flap tabs to bottom, as shown above.

Attach back side flaps to front sides, creating box, as shown above.

Glue patterned mat to front of box, and patterned mat to inside of box back. See above.

Apply adhesive to all side tabs of middle divider section, as shown above.

Glue solid paper mat to other side of divider.

Fold divider as shown above.

Glue divider inside box. I find it easier to glue the bottom flaps in and then glue down the side flaps. Make sure paper mat is on the front side of divider before gluing down, see below.

Insert tabbed divider papers in box.

Glue decorative circle and ribbon to top flap of cards, as shown above. Fold cards and tie shut with ribbon. Stamp or decorate as desired.

Glue pattern paper to front and back of mini composition book, then glue edged piece to spine, as shown above.

For post-it note holder attach post-it notes to middle section of cardstock piece, as shown above.

Glue paper mat to outside of bottom flap and attach velcro dot to outside bottom flap and inside top flap, as shown above.

Glue pattern paper mat to outside of top flap on post-it note holder.

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