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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Wallet Mini Album

Fold cardstock pieces on score marks.

Apply glue or adhesive strips to one side of folded pieces as shown above.

Attach flaps to long cardstock piece, as shown above, alternating direction flaps open.

Glue pattern paper mats to outside of cardstock flaps, alternating patterns.

Glue pattern paper mats to inside flaps, as shown above.

Glue stamped ovals to larger cardstock ovals.

Glue ovals to flaps as shown above. Glue trim pieces to inside edges of flaps. Glue cardstock photo mats to flaps and then layer pattern paper mats on top.

Glue trim to outer flat edges of flaps, as shown above.

Glue decorative pieces on photo mats. (Will want to wait til you add pictures before gluing these down). You can stamp or write on tag and label, if desired.

Wrap cardstock strip around closed album, not too tight, you will want it to slide on and off album, and attach two ends with adhesive.

Apply glue or adhesive to full length of pattern strip of paper.

Wrap pattern paper strip centered on top of cardstock strip, as shown above.

Assemble flower, layering largest to smallest, alternating flower petals, and attaching pattern paper dot on top.

Bend up petals on flower and attach flower to band.

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