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Monday, May 2, 2011

Mini Wallet Album Instructions

Mini Wallet Album

Fold album pieces on score lines, as shown above.

Apply adhesive to outside of one side of each album flap, as shown above.

Attach album flaps to album cover, alternating the way the flaps will open, see above.

Glue pattern paper mats to outside of album flaps, alternating patterns.

Glue the remaining pattern paper mats to inside of flaps, as shown above, alternating patterns again.

Glue photo mats down the middle of flaps, as shown above.

Glue edge-punched strips to inside edge of album flaps, as shown above.

Glue remaining edge-punched strips to outside edges of album flaps on front, see above.

Glue stamped oval images to solid oval paper mats.

Glue assembled stamped images to inside album flaps.

Glue decorative embellishments to photo mats, you can stamp or write on tag inserts.

Wrap solid strip around closed album, making sure it is not too tight, it will need to slip on and off album. Overlap and glue two ends together in back.

Apply adhesive down both long sides of pattern strip, making sure to cover from end to end so the paper won't gap.

Wrap pattern strip around band.

Assemble flower as shown above, largest to smallest.

Attach flower to front of band.

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