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Friday, October 1, 2010

"Shopping List" Kit Assembly Instructions

Shopping List Folder

Front cover pieces.

Glue two smaller mats to top of large mat, as shown above. Glue to front outside flap of folder.

Stamp image of choice on circle, glue to scallop circle and attach to front as shown above. Attach "Shopping List" label.

Pencil Holder, fold on all score lines

Fold top flap in, then fold side flaps in on top of top flap and glue, as shown below.

Fold upper flaps on score lines towards middle and glue down.

When turned over your pencil holder should look like this.

Fold over right side of folder, creasing on score line, glue down.

Attach/glue pencil holder to right folded edge of folder, as shown above.

Glue/lick backs of envelope flaps shut. Glue mats to back side of envelopes.
Cut out a half circle at top of pocket; slide punch into open end of envelope and punch through top envelope layer and mat only, (do not punch through back layer of envelope) see picture below.
(I used a 1-1/2" scallop circle punch)

Layer pockets on left side of folder, as shown above. (Make sure you have cut your half circle out of each pocket first)

Pockets should look like this when finished. Add labels.

Attach notepad to right side of folder with glue dots. Add pencil to pencil holder.


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