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Monday, July 12, 2010

Accordian Album with Matching Gift Box Assembly Instructions

Glue chipboard square to back of flower paper. Cut off corners as shown above, about 1/8th inch away from chipboard corner.

Fold edges over, glue to chipboard. Repeat with second chipboard piece.

You will have 3 pieces of scored cream cardstock, two with 1/2 inch flaps.

Overlap 1/2 inch flap onto second piece of cardstock, as shown in picture above, glue together. Overlap flap of second piece onto third piece (without flap), glue together. Line up edges. (They are off-centered in picture to show where to overlap)

You should have one long piece of cream cardstock now, scored about every 4 inches. Fold at score lines.

Glue covered chipboard squares on each end square, as shown above.

Glue green mats to one side of each cut envelope. Using a 1" circle punch, slide punch into envelope opening and cut out a half circle in the middle of the top half with green mat. your envelope should now look like the picture below.

Glue covered envelopes to each scored square on front side of cream cardstock strip. You can have all the cut half circles facing up, or alternate and have your third and fifth envelope half circle facing to the left, as shown in picture above of finished album.

Assemble die cuts on each envelope as shown below.

First and second envelopes.

Third and fourth envelopes.

Fifth and sixth envelopes.

Attach cream circles, green flowers and butterflies to tags as shown above. To make sure your circles line up, insert tags into envelope openings and then glue circles on, matching up circle edges with cut half circles in envelopes.

Assembled album and tags

To make your box, fold up sides on scored lines. Cut along score line on both ends of two sides only, see picture. Glue flaps to box side.

To make flower, ink all flower petals with ink color of choice. Scrunch up each flower into a ball, then carefully open back up, but do not smooth out. Layer flowers, alternating petals. Using your crop-a-dile or a small hole punch, punch hole through middle of all flowers. Put brad through middle to hold flower together. Starting with top flower, scrunch all petals up together into tight tube. Repeat with each flower layer, scrunching up tight around previous layers. When you have scrunched up all your layers, gently spread apart layers to fluff flower. You can re-ink your flower edges to give it more dimension.
(If you have any problems with your flower please feel free to bring it in and we can help you put it together. You can also look up YouTube videos on how to make a paper carnation.)

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